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30min Massage and
25min Steam Treatment

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Are you an athlete, or are you just starting to reclaim your body?

The amazing thing about our body is how malleable it really is. We can constantly reinvent our muscles, fat deposits, and flexibility. Unfortunately, sometimes that process of reinvention can become painful and we can feel limited by our bodies ability to adapt to our training regime. You might notice:

  • Muscle tightness. 
  • Loss of mobility. 
  • Difficulty recovering from a great workout. 
  • Pain.
  • Fatigue.
  • Injuries.

Sports massage can help to relieve tightness, heal from injuries, relieve pain, and promote a fast recovery. In addition, it can help you avoid future injuries, improve flexibility, harness your body's natural healing properties to allow you to hit peak performance. You will also notice: 

  • Increased relaxation. 
  • Reduced heart rate and blood pressure. 
  • Increased blood circulation and lymph flow. 
  • Decreased recovery time. 
  • Improved immune system. 
  • Enhanced endurance. 
  • Improved flexibility

You will be able to hit your performance goals more quickly and experience fewer hiccups along the way that could inhibit your progress. Take care of your body that you have been working so hard. Call me today at (209) 204-3443 to find out how massage before or after a workout can be integrated into your training plan.