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30min Massage and
25min Steam Treatment

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Are you pregnant or do you have an infant? 

Pregnancy Massage 

Pregnancy is supposed to be a beautiful experience, right? Well, it is beautiful until your back starts to hurt, your belly gets itchy, and your feet go so swollen you can't get your shoes on. You might even be getting headaches, notice intense allergy symptoms, or find yourself getting colds more frequently. You can't take most medications that usually give you a little relief and you start to feel like you have to accept feeling horrible. 

As your pregnancy wears on and your beautiful baby grows larger, you also start to notice how impossible it is to find a comfortable position. You tummy sleepers go through a serious loss! 

You don't have to feel terrible! You can enjoy the entire process! Find out how our individualized prenatal massage can allow you to: 

  • Avoid illnesses.
  • Clear congestion.
  • Have an hour to safely lay on your belly in a specialized designed massage bed. 
  • Sleep better. 
  • Reduce swelling.
  • Relieve headaches and migraines.
  • Help you connect with your growing baby. 

Yes, you read correctly! You can lay safely on your tummy and get an awesome massage! I use a specialized designed massage table that allows you to safely relax! 

 Infant Massage 

Well that is great- but I already had my child! No problem! Every infant is incredibly different in their personality, habits, and preferences. Whatever your child's unique needs, infant massage can allow you to connect with your infant. You can not only alleviate the discomfort that your infant is feeling, but you can also share with them a gentle, comforting touch that they enjoy. 

But, I can't bring my baby in to get a massage every week! You don't have to! Infant massage and parent training is about training you and/or your partner in specific techniques to massage your infant. You and/or your partner will bring in your infant and I will demonstrate the techniques and give you a chance to practice them right there. I will give you techniques to: 

  • Relieve constipation.
  • Relieve diarrhea.
  • Help with gas or air bubbles. 
  • Help your child sleep. 
  • Boost your baby's immune system. 

One session can give you the basic skills to practice at home with your infant. Call me today at (209) 204-3443 to chat about how infant massage can help you to better bond with your body and reduce the crying! Or feel free to schedule through the Book Now button.