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30min Massage and
25min Steam Treatment

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Are you thinking about making a committment to the health of your body? Are tired of being in pain all the time, and feeling like you have to wait for a special occassion to take care of yourself? Now you can integrate massage therapy into your monthly budget in the most affordable way possible. Sign up to become a member of Affordable Massage Studio for only $65 a month. You can schedule a 60 minute therapeutic massage at any time during that calendar month! In addition, as a member, you can get additional massages during that month for only $55 for a 60 minute session! You save $15 off the normal rate.

Can you imagine how you would feel if you made massage a part of your regular self-care? How good your body would feel? You could: 

  • Consistently get good sleep. 
  • Feel connected with your pain-free body. 
  • Help to keep your body running at an optimum level.
  • Avoid sports injuries. 
  • Have improved circulation.
  • Avoid cramping and tension. 
  • Avoid illnesses and colds. 

You do so much for other people. You work hard. This is one easy way that you can relax and take care of yourself and experience being in your optimum functioning body. Click on Subscribe below to use Paypal to subscribe to your massage membership. You can cancel at any time if circumstances change, otherwise it can be automatically billed with no fuss and no stress. Just come on over once a month and click on "book now" to book your included massage, or to schedule your additional discounted massage!


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