Massage & Steam
Treatment $50
30min Massage and
25min Steam Treatment

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Aromatherapy Massage- The aromatherapy massage is an amazing sensory experience in which we pair an amazing, gentle massage with wonderful scents tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Leave feeling rejuvenated and at peace.30 minutes $40, 60 minutes $70, 90 minutes $95

Aromatherapy Package: Two 60 minute massages for only $120.00 That brings the price down to $60 a session. Or, purchase a package of 5 for $275.00 and bring the price down to only $55 per relaxing massage! 

Specialized Massage 

Deep Tissues Massage: Deep tissue works with your body in a deeper manner helping to break down stores of tenson and stress with a deep, firm touch. Pressure is tailored to your specific needs and preferences, and care is taken to ensure that this remains therapeutic. Drink lots of water after this massage, as your body will be flushing out toxins! 

Sports Massage: This massage will get your body working at its peak through deep tissue, stretching, or other healing methods.  This work is specialized based on your body's unique physical needs and physical goals. 

Hot Stone Massage: Want to feel like royalty? This luxurious massages uses hot stones to release tension throughout your body. The smooth, silky stones feel like a hot bar of soap urging all of the tension out of your body. Great for deep relaxation. Don't schedule anything after this one- you will want to go right home and go to bed!

Reflexology: Discover the pressure point and relase of your whole body through your feet.  After this massage you will feel like you are walking on air! 

Chakra Balancing: Balance your body's natural energy flow through the use of aromatherapy, reflexology and guided meditation to bring a sense of inner peace and state of balance.

Raindrop Technique: Designed using ancient Indian techniques, the use of essential oils brings relief to the back and spinal column.

Prenatal Massage: Lie on a specialized preggo pillow that allows you to safely lie on your belly and get a relaxing massage without putting pressure on the baby. Feel your tension release and your aches melt away so you can enjoy being pregnant again. 

Infant Massage: Allow me to teach you and/or your partner how to provide comfort and healing for your infant through soft, safe massaging touch. Bring your infant with you to this session. 

Cranio Sacral: A fully clothed healing treatment that targets the tension in your body and uses a light touch to help it release. You will notice a deep sense of relaxation that lasts throughout the session and a healing that continues as you continue working on your illness. This therapy is gentle enough to be used with babies, children, elderly, and adults with several pain or chronic illness.

Specialized Massages


Aromatherapy Massages